Vacation & Business Travel Pet Care:

  • Dogs: 3-4 visits per day
  • Cats: 1-3 visits per day
  • Aquariums/Feathered Friends/Small & Furry: 1-2 times per day

Vacation pet care includes: feeding & fresh water; any medications; mail & paper retrieval; scooping litter box; lights & blinds rotated; indoor plants watered; and plenty of TLC for your pets!

Pet taxi service is available in limited areas for an additional charge.

Mid-day Dog Walks:

  • Perfect for the busy professional working long hours, the new puppy owner, or anytime you may have a long day planned
  • Available Monday thru Friday, 1-5xs per week

Call us today to set up a customized pet care program that’s best for you and your pets!